Google Docs…Should I or Shouldn’t I?

I am pretty sure that I know the answer to my own question. Yes! Why then am I asking about it. Historically, Google Docs was an app that was introduced and taught in 6th grade in my school. This year I had a 5th grade teacher ask me to teach her class about it. I thought about it. At first I said it is done in 6th grade and I do not want to mess with the curriculum in the Middle School, but then I thought about it.

Google Docs is a productivity tool that is AWESOME. It allows students to work collectively and corroboratively. It also allows students to work without having the fear of duplicating files and work more efficiently.

This year I found myself teaching programs and applications to earlier grades. I also found myself adding new things into the curriculum that I did not do before. So why not Google Docs? My only reservation at this time is that you need an email address to use it. I work in an elementary school where some parents have made a decision not to allow their children to have email accounts. This came up late in the year, so I did not do anything with it.

To alleviate that problem, I think that next year I will create a generic email account so students can login using that one. This hopefully should solve the problem.



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2 responses to “Google Docs…Should I or Shouldn’t I?

  1. Jen

    I love using Google Docs. I use it for the beginning of the year student surveys and for book numbers. I also incorporated it into DoNows and Exit Questions. Bonus use….we use it at school to track detentions done by the proctors. So many uses and not enough time. 🙂

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